NottsJS and LeicesterJS

Welcome to MidlandsJS, a new collaboration group between NottsJS and LeicesterJS. COVID-19 has brought a lot of challenges for tech groups, and we think that joining forces will let us deliver an even better meetup.

The core midlandsjs team is formed of individuals from the two organizations:

NottsJS and LeicesterJS will now organise meetups in the new MidlandsJS group and will devote all resources there. We will be arranging new community interaction channels to participate in shortly.

FAQ โœจ

What happens when we go back to in person meetups?

There are no plans set in stone at this time - our current best guess puts in-person meetups off the table for a while yet. Additionally, operating remotely means we do not need to have people travel ( saving the polar bearsโ„๏ธ ) and we have access to more speakers from around the globe.

Will there be a new Slack?

Yes, most likely there will be a new slack/discord/irc/fire beacon type system put in place for this new group!

I have another question!

Awesome! Talk to us! ๐ŸŽ‰